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Hair Vitamin Capsule Hair Treatment Oil Repair Damaged Smooth Hair Care Serum Nourishing Keratin Complex Oil

Hair Vitamin Capsule Hair Treatment Oil Repair Damaged Smooth Hair Care Serum Nourishing Keratin Complex Oil

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Product Name: Hair Renewal Vitamin Capsules
Price: 14.99
Quantity: 30
Suitable for: All Hair Types


Transform your hair with Sevich Hair Renewal Vitamin Capsules! These powerful little capsules are packed with a nourishing blend of vitamins and keratin complex oil, designed to repair damaged hair and promote a smooth, silky finish. Perfect for anyone looking to revitalize their hair care routine and give their locks a healthy boost.


  • Concentrated Hair Treatment: Each capsule contains a precise dose of hair-rejuvenating serum, rich in vitamins and keratin, to deeply nourish and strengthen hair.
  • Repairs and Protects: Effectively repairs damage from heat styling, coloring, and environmental stress, while protecting hair from future breakage.
  • Smooth and Shine Enhancing: Leaves hair feeling silky, reduces frizz, and enhances natural shine for a polished look.
  • Easy to Use: Simply twist or cut the capsule open and apply the serum to damp or dry hair. No mess or waste.
  • Travel-Friendly: Compact and leak-proof capsules make it easy to take your hair treatment on the go, ensuring beautiful, healthy hair anywhere.


  • Intensive Hair Repair: Penetrates deep into hair fibers to restore vitality and elasticity to damaged hair.
  • Boosts Hair Health: Regular use promotes stronger, healthier hair growth and improves overall hair texture.
  • Suitable for All Hair Types: Whether you have fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, these vitamin capsules are formulated to provide significant benefits.

Why Choose Sevich Hair Renewal Vitamin Capsules?

Sevich Hair Renewal Vitamin Capsules are your secret weapon for achieving beautiful, healthy-looking hair. These easy-to-use capsules deliver powerful ingredients directly to your hair, providing a quick and effective solution to common hair concerns. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a confident, radiant you!

To Use: Apply one capsule to hair, either damp or dry, by twisting or cutting the top off the capsule. Spread the serum evenly through the hair, focusing on ends and damaged areas. Style as usual.


hair care after dyeing, with the strongest fragrance (suitable for hot dyeing and stiff hair);Morocco oil and triple care formula formulated to nourish dyed hair, care after dyeing dull hair or sun exposure to damage hair, so that dyed hair to maintain a bright color.Hair feels soft and is easy to comb, and the color lasts longer


normal hair care to keep the hair smooth and shiny (suitable for dry, dull and normal hair);Indonesian origin Morocco hair oil, jojoba oil, sustenance A, C, E, vitamin b-5 care formulated and maintained hair moisture, hair feel more soft and shiny easy to take care of looks radiant


deep repair damaged hair, daily care hair soft and smooth as silk (suitable for dry hair, not for oily hair), Moroccan hair oil, jojoba oil, maintenance department A, C, E, vitamin b-5 nourishing repair fragile and coarse hair, hair will be more healthy, strong as silk smooth, soft hand


Sevich hair vitamin with MOROCCAN Hair OIL and GINSENG&HONEY OIL, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit B5 nourishes, protect and provides care for your brittle and rough hair. Hair feels healthier, shiny and easy to manage.


Sevich hair vitamin with MOROCCAN Hair OIL, Candle Nut and Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit B5 enhances shine to your black hair, nourishes it and protect your hair from sun damage. Hair feels healtheir, shiny and easy to manage.



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